Road Trip With Kids

Kids playing together

Road Trip with Children

Every year more families are wanting to find more unusual and cheaper holidays. One of our own here took an Eastern Canada trip as a single mom in her Ford Fusion and 4 children. She took her car in for servicing the day before the trip. Filled the car with kids, clothes, food, gas and a two-room tent. She took her map for back up and plotted her course. She was the only driver and although there were some digital games she wanted the four kids under 13 years old children to really experience the countryside. She stopped at every visitor centre and posted to Facebook. They made pictures and journaled about the trip. She was the only driver and had the best/worst weather but the best experience.

Planning the first night at a Holiday Inn hotel on points was great. The rest was seeing how far they could get every day. The next night was at a wonderful place in New Brunswick called Gites Toutes Saisons Bed and Breakfast where the people were awesome and the views gorgeous. They became friends for life. The journey continued as they only had two weeks together. They travelled around PEI, Nova Scotia and camped in the Chocolate River and visited every touristy thing they could. They went back to the B&B to end the trip because they had such an amazing time (and they took young kids at a B&B). To this day, the children talk about that trip. There was bickering, loving and then a real close knit family who shared so many wonderful experiences. Take the plunge plan you too can take a planned/unplanned Road Trip with your family. You will love the time you take.