Dogs Please and Thank You

The Power of Please and Thank You!

Why using manners as simple as please and thank you are so powerful!

Here in Canada where there are a lot of people from different cultures we want to teach our children how to be polite and get ahead in life.

When going to a restaurant, the bank or grocery store or any purchase in person, practice saying, “please and thank you” and see the response. When in school using manners with please and thank you will allow the teacher to be impressed and will instill in your little one a firm love of life.

I once heard a child complaining to their mother “Mom you made me too polite!” I never laughed so hard. Polite children lead to polite adults and it is not a lost art to say, “Please and Thank you!” Try it for a week and let us know what happens. When someone says mind your P’s & Q’s that means watch your language, your manners - please and thank you. If you have a little person who has great manners they may not get into too much trouble growing up. Given the chance do you want a child with manners or gets into trouble all the time.

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Please and thank you!